Embroidery Atelier – Visions & Passions by Sue Rangeley.

An artist’s studio holds the secrets of their creations. ‘Embroidery Atelier’ invites readers to delve into the art and craft of a contemporary embroiderer, and be inspired to stitch.

Nature, nostalgia, the romance of the past infuse designs, eclectic themes drive personal passions. Inspirations for stitch explore frivolous ‘flower power’ fashions, historic mementoes, nature’s world, floral beauties of the famous Hidcote Manor and Sissinghurst Castle gardens. Embroidery takes flight with an array of ideas and techniques.

Beautiful photographic images by Michael Wicks capture the essence and meticulous details of the textiles.

The book features new works created for this publication, and textiles from Sue’s studio collection, with insights into specialist embroidery techniques.

Embroidery Atelier - Visions & Passions is a companion volume to Embroidered Originals.

Publication date: April 2022
230mm X 290mm 104 pages soft-back book
Photography by Michael Wicks, over 190 colour images
Original embroideries, text and artwork by Sue Rangeley.
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Embroidery Atelier enters Sue’s studio world. In the ‘Past Passions’ chapter, studio inspirations for ‘China Blues’ explores a blue-and-white palette for embroidery. The book’s finale, ‘Studio Techniques’ is a practical guide to Sue’s specialist stitch processes.

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Last remaining signed copies of ‘Embroidered Originals’ £10.

Embroidered Originals by Sue Rangeley.

Inspiring and lavishly illustrated, 'Embroidered Originals' expresses a love for the language of embroidery, while revealing the artistry of Sue Rangeley's stunning creations.

Exploring in detail the journey from 'Studio Inspirations' into the practicalities of embroidery techniques. Sue's text and samples unravel the stories of each embroidered original.

Embroidered Originals provides a unique insight into the creative world of a contemporary embroiderer, offering a captivating fusion of fine art, design and craft.

A comprehensive 'Studio Techniques' section highlights the rich diversity of the processes used by Sue. Forty techniques are described in detail, offering a practical guide for embroiderers and textile students. A book to enchant and inspire, giving new directions for creative stitch.

Embroidered Originals is a visual treat for those interested in fine craft textiles with a touch of fashion pzazz.

What the reviews said

'The inspirational images in this book could easily stand alone - the photography by Michael Wicks, makes every stitch sing and enhances the delicate detail in the machine embroidered pieces. Sue Rangeley takes us on a tour of the embroidery she produces in her studio practice. Quite simply a beautiful book.'

'Sue lets flow with glorious inspirational colour that keeps on coming as you progress through the chapters of Frost, Foliage and Flora. The richness of the pieces in the chapters is complemented by the eminently practical Studio Techniques at the back of the book, this was my favourite part and the reason you'd take the book out again when it has fired you up to get stitching.'

'This is not a book just for the embroidery enthusiast, it is a beautiful book to have on hand to browse through and to dip into as an inspiration to look more closely at the art forms all around us.'
Cotswold Life

Embroidered Originals
by Sue Rangeley
Photography by Michael Wicks
ISBN: 978-0-9555371-5-8
Published by d4daisy Books Ltd

Softback 96 pages
120 images
Size: 290 x 230 mm
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Price £10
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