A fusion of original design and creative techniques gives a unique hallmark to each embroidered textile. Diversity of interpretation inspires the art of stitch.

Airbrushed silks: watercolour palettes of spray dyed surfaces

Appliqué sheers: delicate corsages, decorative edgings, vibrant accents

Beadwork textures: hand-crafted details of glass, crystal, sequin, pearls

Cut-work fabrics: intricate open-work appliqué creates ornate decoration

Embellishment: ruched painted silks, entwined rouleaux; relief textures

Embroidered laces: exquisite machine-embroidery create fashion fabrics

Metallic effects: sumptuous surfaces with foiled iridescence, painted shimmer

Quilted riches: elaborate, free flowing stitched textures

Above: Appliqué hydrangeas Airbrushed silks and machine embroidered appliqué.

Above: Rose sketch

Above: Rose corsages

Left: Meandering bias ribbons of machine-stitched organza echo the organic textures of plants; sketched studies inspire design directions.

For more information on rouleaux techniques, see Sue's workshop: 'Rambles with Rouleaux' (March 2009):

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