Browsing the embroidery samples for the 'Film Noir' Collection 1988.
Inspired by the fashions of the 'film noir' movies of the 1940s, creative stitch styles fashion embellishments

A delve into Sue’s studio archives continues the theme of the Autumn Newsletter, which also shows designs and techniques featured in earlier collections. Revisiting this past passion reveals the ideas and creative processes that shaped a collection of embroidered jackets and accessories.

In the late 1980s a darker palette emerged for Sue’s evening wear embellishments, in contrast to the delicate pastel tints of the painted silks designed for bridal wear. Influenced by a love of the Hollywood glamour fashions of the 1930s and 1940s, these embroidered textures enhanced more dramatic accessories: armlets, belts, bags, corsages.

Black silks stamped with stencilled metallic patterns, enriched with quilted metallic stitchery and encrusted with hand beaded details. Fabrics which were conjured into accessories or designed to accent evening jackets (see photo). The studio archive has boxes of the original samples from this era, test pieces brushed with metallic pigments and twinkling with spangles and glass beads.(see image on Blog Home page)

Fashion pieces from this collection were exhibited at Chelsea Craft Fair 1988 and in a Solo Show in Tokyo 1993. A selection of garments and accessories from this time remains in Sue’s personal collection, perhaps another exhibition outing awaits!

Quilted jacket in black silk, metallic print, beaded lapels 1988

Embellished armlet in black silk, metallic print, beaded

Silk applique samples for evening purse. Painted, machine applique, beaded