Step into Sue's studio world with her new book 'Embroidery Atelier'..................

Sharing the visions and passions that inspire and shape a sequence of artistic embroideries, Sue reveals the stories of her latest embroideries in her new publication:                            ‘Embroidery Atelier’ . Published in late March 2022.

Eclectic themes drive personal passions into expressions of textile art in this latest book. Inspirations enjoy a lively array of references for stitch design, from: ‘flower power’ fashions, historic dress, personal keepsakes, nature’s world, and down the garden paths of two beautiful National Trust gardens. A collection of original textiles created since her last publication in 2010, ‘Embroidered Originals’.

Embroidery takes flight, in inventive and sparkling variations of Sue’s  repertoire of studio techniques. A final chapter is devoted to a practical guide on her specialist craft processes, giving an insight into her artistry.

The journey of ‘Embroidery Atelier’ has been shared with the photographer Michael Wicks, whose beautiful photographs shine out across the pages of lavish illustrations.