Masterclasses Archive

Sue Rangeley is a widely respected tutor in the field of contemporary embroidery, who has inspired enthusiasm for this creative art form over the past forty years. Some of her tutorial activities have included:

  • International tours: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and Canada
  • Creative Embroidery classes in Vancouver (1998 - 2007)
  • Visiting U.K. University tutor, B.A. Embroidered Textiles
  • Study Days and Textile Workshops in museums
  • Artist in Residence, Kelmscott , The William Morris Society
  • Artist in Residence, 'A Wearable Art', The Oxfordshire Museum 2009
  • Lectures and presentations for textile associations & universities
  • Specialist Master Classes in Embroidered Textiles (see below)

Sue's specialist Master Classes are a fusion of design and creative embroidery; students explore new ideas through research and experimental stitch; develop comprehensive portfolios of samples for fashion or interiors; pursue personal projects to completion.

Below left: ‘Botanical Reticules’ class 2011.

Previous classes:

  • 2015 Studio Study Days & ‘Free Spirit Flora’
  • 2014 'Free Spirit' - Embroidered Textiles Masterclass at Farncombe
  • 2013 'Inspired to Stitch' - The Macclesfield Silk Museum
  • 2012 'Go with the Flow' - themes from shoreline inspire stitch designs
  • 2012 'Petal Power' - Corsages and embellishments for fashion
  • 2011 'Millefleurs'- Dazzling designs of floral embellishment
  • 2011 'Botanical Reticules' - Plant forms inspire purse designs
  • 2010 'Stitched Poetry' - Word and image find expression in stitch
  • 2008 'Enchanted' - A magical journey with fabric and thread, inspired by myths, forests, fairies
  • 2008 'Secret Reticules' - Creative embroidery explores three-dimensions, a botanical focus
  • 2008 'Textural Adventures' - Experimental surfaces: manipulation and machine-embroidery
  • 2007 'Go with the Flow' - Aquatic themes influence stitch design
  • 2006 'Visions & Passions' - Museum collections inspire themes for creative embroidery

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Masterclasses update

The annual programme of Masterclasses concluded in 2015. Sue continues to offer Studio Study Days in her Oxfordshire studio to small groups, or one-to-one mentoring for embroidery students.

In 2022, the studio will be open for visitors to see Sue’s creations for ‘Embroidery Atelier’.